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Motor Mounts for Harley Davidson®

Harley FXR Motor Mount

FXR & Touring

Front Motor Mount

1980 - 2008

Harley Dyna Front Motor Mount


Front Motor Mount

1991 - 2017

Harley Dyna Rear Motor Mount


Rear Motor Mount

1991 - 2017


This motor mount is applicable for Harley Davidson® models 1980 - 2008 FLHR, FLHT, FLHX, FLTR, FLT, and FXR. It is a direct replacement for Harley front motor mount 16207-79 (any version including 16207-79A, 16207-79B, 16207-79C, or 16207-79D)


This motor mount is applicable for Harley Davidson® models 1991 - 2017 FXD, FLD. It is a direct replacement for Harley front motor mount 47583-90B.


This motor mount is applicable for Harley Davidson® models 1991 - 2017 FXD, FLD. It is a direct replacement for Harley rear motor mount 47564-90B/99.

Why You Need This Motor Mount

Harley Davidson® originally designed their motor mounts using a rubber compound that was prone to degrade when exposed to fuel, oil and sunlight. The motorcycle's oil filter is located directly above the mount so when an oil change was performed it was common to have oil spilled onto the rubber mount. The oil degraded the rubber and the mount eventually failed. Harley eventually corrected this problem by changing to a rubber compound that was more resistant to oil. However, with the new compound, they were not able to match the softness (durometer) of the original rubber and the mount transmitted unacceptable vibration throughout the motorcycle. Harley again went to a redesign and created a very soft, oil resistance rubber mount. This provides adequate vibration reduction throughout most RPM, but causes excessive engine shake at idle.

Other companies have capitalized on this weakness by designing aftermarket engine mounts using different types of rubber or polyurethane. Some have been successful at improving one area or another, but none have been successful at improving all areas of performance.

Kinetic Structures is the only company that has developed a new technology to solve all engine mount concerns. We use a proprietary material called wire mesh. We have over 30 years of experience using wire mesh in aircraft engine mounts and have now brought this technology to the motorcycle industry.

How You Will Benefit Using A Wire Mesh Motor Mount

This wire mesh motor mount is made entirely of stainless steel. It will withstand extreme temperatures, hot or cold. It is resistant to fuels, oils, chemicals, and sunlight. And it will withstand much higher loads than any other type of material. Compared to any type of rubber or polyurethane, stainless steel out performs them all in any environment.

Wire mesh is both a spring and a damper. A spring will isolate vibration, while a damper will reduce the amplitude (level) of vibration. Rubber and polyurethanes are mostly spring elements with very little damping. They are useful for vibration isolation, but are ineffective at reducing the amplitudes of shock and vibration. This is why rubber and polyurethane must be isolate vibration during riding conditions. But that same softness causes unacceptable engine shake at idle. Wire mesh can be made soft to isolate vibration during riding conditions, but it also has high damping to significantly reduce engine shake at idle. Wire mesh has been proven to reduce motorcycle vibration over a wider operating range than any type of rubber or polyurethane mount.

Wire mesh has a nonlinear (progressive) spring rate so it can withstand higher loads than any type of rubber or polyurethane. When the loads on the mount increase, such as doing stunts, the wire mesh spring rate increases and resists extreme movement. Rubber and polyurethane have linear spring rates, so when they experience severe loads, they tend to over stretch and eventually fail. Wire mesh will not tear or fail like rubber or polyurethane.

Our Dyna mounts are designed with independent vertical and lateral stiffness. Vertical stiffness is soft to isolate vibration. Lateral stiffness is stiff to prevent engine instability or wobble. You don't have to add stabilizer links with our mounts.

Our Touring and FXR mount is completely rebuildable. The wire mesh cushions are replaceable should they ever wear out. Other brands are not rebuildable. When they fail, you will have to buy another completely new mount for its full cost. If anything on ours wears out, you can replace the single worn out item at a fraction of the new unit price. In the long run, you will save money.

Kinetic Structures motor mounts are made entirely in the USA.

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