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Thermal Insulating Washers

Wire mesh washers are thermal insulating washers. They are made entirely of metal, yet they can provide thermal insulation.  The gaps between the wires reduce heat transfer. In addition, since they are metal, they can provide electrical bonding. Very few products can provide both thermal insulation and electrical bonding.

Wire mesh washers are also spring washers. They can be used to compensate for thermal expansion or thermal contraction between parts. Thermally induced stresses can be reduced when the washers are used between parts with different coefficients of expansion, or between parts operating at different temperatures.

Wire mesh washers have replaced mica washers on turbochargers because they provide better thermal insulation at high temperatures.

Wire mesh washers can be made to just about any size and thickness. Choose from our standard washer sizes or contact Kinetic Structures to make a custom size for your application.

Thermal Expansion Washer

Thermal Expansion Washers

High Temperature Capability

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Insulation Washer
Aircraft Engine Mounts
Thermal Insulating Washers

Thermal Insulating Washers

Variety of Sizes & Thicknesses


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