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This is an all stainless steel front engine mount for Harley FXR, FLH, and FLT models 1980 - 2008. It is a direct replacement for the rubber mount 16207-79 (any version incuding 16207-79A, 16207-79B, 16207-79C, and 16207-79D). The mount is made entirely of stainless steel, including the flexible wire mesh damper. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, fuel, oil, chemical, sunlight, and severe loads. The wire mesh elements are replaceable.


This front motor mount will provide superior vibration reduction throughout all RPM ranges and speeds. It will increase stability of the motorcycle at high speeds. It is especially beneficial at reducing engine shake at idle. This mount is capable of withstanding higher loads than rubber or polyurethane.

Harley Touring & FXR Front Motor Mount

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