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Wire Mesh Spring Washers

Wire mesh washers are spring washers. They can be used just like any other type of spring washer, however, they have unique properties not found in any other type of washer. They are made entirely of knitted wire. When flexed, the wires create damping within the washer. No other type of spring washer has as much damping as wire mesh spring washers.

Wire mesh washers can be made in different densities. Each density will create a different spring rate and load capability for the washer. Low density washers will be softer, while high density washers will be stiffer and will be able to withstand much higher loads than any other type of spring washer.

Wire mesh washers can be made to just about any size and thickness. Choose from our standard washer sizes or contact Kinetic Structures to make a custom size for your application.

Wire Mesh Spring Washer

All Metal Flexible Washers

High Damp Spring Washers

High Temperature Spring Washers

Wire Mesh Spring Washers

Distributes Load Evenly

Never Bottoms Out

Wire Mesh Spring Washer

Variety of Sizes & Thicknesses

High Load Capability

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